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3X MORE EFFICIENT than whey isolate alone.
Perfectly balanced amino acid profile BUILDS MUSCLE



Formulated by David A. Sherwood, the NiTOR Elite HD product is a revolution in the sports nutrition supplement world. Hear David’s own words as he discusses the science that makes NiTOR 3X more efficient than any other protein supplement in the world, including whey isolate protein, the supposed ruler of the protein industry.

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Your body wastes up to 80% of all protein supplements you consume, simply because they are not balanced appropriately. This is even true of whey protein isolate – the supposed ruler of the protein supplement world. NiTOR Elite HD is 3X more efficient than whey isolate protein.

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Our formulator is a molecular biologist. It just so happens, his field of expertise is in the body’s molecular pathways, including the TOR pathway, the body’s “master switch” that governs protein synthesis. His vast and in-depth knowledge is now available to  you through the NiTOR product.

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Serving Size

More protein isn’t necessarily a good thing. In fact, consuming more than a specific amount can turn on degredation pathways in the body which begin to get rid of protein in the blood faster than it can be used. In fact, the serving size can increase your protein’s efficiency by over 200%.

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Understanding when to take protein makes a huge difference in how much protein your body can actually use. When dialed in appropriately, your body can use two to three times more protein. Our custom calculator helps you do just that, ensuring your TOR pathway is turned on to the max.

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Even when you have a lot of protein in your blood, it doesn’t mean your body will be able to use it. A lack of the appropriate vitamins can drastically reduce how much protein your body can use. NiTOR provides 100% RDI of the two most important groups of vitamins to make sure your body is using all the protein it possibly can.

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Gas and bloating are a sure sign that your protein source is not being digested in the stomach. That means it’s getting into the intestines, where it no longer does any good to your body. NiTOR adds two protein specific digestive enzymes that ensure you don’t get gas, and your protein is digested in the stomach so it can be used.

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